Storm Physix

The Storm Physix is the newest ball in the Storm lineup. It will be released on October 9th, 2018. As usual these days, this ball is another hook monster that will have a decent mid-lane read while having an intense reaction on the back-end. This ball is going to beg you to go deep into the oil to get a proper reaction. The NRG Hybrid Reactive Cover gets an insane amount of friction both on and off the oil. The weight block is innovative in both the aesthetic and performance. The core actually has the oval and lightning bolt on the core. It’s something you’ll probably never see with your own eyes, but it’s pretty cool if you ask me! The PhysiX is truly a high-end ball with an insane amount of reaction. With the right layout, this ball will have great performance in a variety of conditions. It thrives in heavy oil, but even on a THS if you move far enough left you’ll be able to find enough oil for the ball to react well. However, this ball will get so much reaction that it will do extremely well both in the hands of strokers and tweeners. True crankers getting higher than ~500 revs/min may find that this ball is too strong on dry-ish patterns/lane conditions. In the video below, the test-bowler with the lower rev-rate (~350-375 revs/min) has a ton of success on both the THS and sport patterns

The ball with the reaction most similar to this would probably be the Code-X

Reaction Type

Smooth, strong motion on heavy-oil/long patterns.

Compared to the Code-X, this ball is quite a bit earlier, however it doesn’t have issue clearing the fronts. The back-end is very aggressive but this allows you to slide through the fronts well and still get a high entry-angle. Check out the videos below for actual on-lane footage of this ball


NRG Hybrid Reactive

The cover allows you to glide through the fronts but also snap into the pocket once you hit the back-end. Given a heavy oil pattern or a fast throw, if you can get through those fronts it will smack towards the pocket. This cover makes it easy to hit high or even crossover if you aren’t careful.



The Atomic core is the newest core in the Storm line-up. The Atomic gets its name from the fact that the core actually looks like an atom. It also physically has the Storm logo of the lightning bolt in the oval on the core. That’s something I haven’t seen before, and although it has virtually no effect on performance, its at least interesting. This core is so aesthetically pleasing that if I could get my hands on one I would love to use it as some sort of decoration in the house or office.


Color: Red/Blue/Purple

Coverstock: NRG Hybrid Reactive

Core: Atomic

Factory Finish: 3000 Grit Abralon

Flare Potential: 6″+

Radius of Gyration w/ 15# Ball: 2.48

Differential w/ 15# Ball: 0.053

What is this ball good for?

This ball is good on medium-heavy to heavy oil conditions. On house shots, this may end up being too much ball for many bowlers, however, if you are bowling on heavier patterns, or your throw accommodates a ball like this, you will be able to find some success.

One strange characteristic of this ball is that it seems to react similarly on fresh and broken down lanes. When the oil is fresh, it uses the front end to slide right over the fronts and hook HARD on the back end. On broken down lanes, it won’t glide as well over the fronts (obviously) but the backend won’t be as grippy and it tends to even out.

This ball definitely begs to be thrown through oil, and in my opinion isn’t necessarily the kind of motion you need for a house shot. However, when it comes to hook monsters like this, you definitely could do worse than this ball.


Thanks for reading. What do you think of the Storm Physix? Do you wanna get your hands on it and try it out? Do you think it’s redundant? Write a comment below with your opinion. If you want to contact me directly, feel free:

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