Motiv vs. Storm Heavy Oil Balls

Do you want a top of the line bowling ball?  Are you ready to take your game to the next level?  Perhaps you want to break through the threshold of the elusive 300 game? Make sure you are ready for those heavy oil lane conditions and pick up a heavy-oil Motiv or Storm bowling ball. Motiv and Storm are two top-of-the-line bowling ball companies with some of the best equipment on the market. Each brand has balls designed for heavy oil, and this article features the three best heavy oil balls from each brand.


Storm Code-X

Storm Code-X Heavy Oil Ball

The Storm Code-X provides you with an intuitive RAD4 Core which allows you to do more fine-tuning than with other models. This suits bowlers at every level and with any approach. It also has an intermediate differential which is higher than every other ball in the premier line. You’ll get more than 10 percent of a midlane read with this ball than you would with say the Code Red. The Storm Code-X favors heavy oil also, while it’s the perfect blend of core and cover that will bring you paramount performance in any condition.

The Storm Code-X comes in Purple, Black, and Blue with an Orange Zest fragrance. Another thing to take note of is that this ball brings an epic shift to how the core and cover interact together which will enhance the power of your ball.

Crux Prime

Heavy Oil Storm Bowling Ball

The Crux Prime is a high-quality bowling ball in the Storm premier line. Many PBA players were crushed when this ball was discontinued. They were clambering for it to be brought back out into the world and they got what they wanted. This ball has a Catalyst Core and provides you with extreme power and an increased entry angle. You’ll also have a higher margin for error because of the design which is dynamic and asymmetrical. Not to mention the vertical cavity technology that this ball is made with.

The Crux Prime has a SPEC Solid Reactive that benefits the heaviest conditions, and even more so when starting transition. The Crux will dig harder for you when it gets into midlane friction. It comes in Purple, White, and Red, with a Pomegranate Cider fragrance.

Intense Fire

Storm Intense Fire Medium-Heavy Oil Ball

The Intense Fire is another ball in Storms’ premier line. In regards to this ball, they went through a long and stringent process to come up with the perfect coverstock. They landed on the R3S Hybrid. This ball comes with a trademarked 6th Gen RAD (Radial Accelerated Technology). The 6th Gen is called RAD-E (Energy) and is used by several PBA players.

The Intense Fire offers you elongated ellipses around the pin which helps increase mass separation and the energy potential of this ball. You can get this ball in Black, Persimmon, and Ultramarine with a Lava fragrance.

Moving over to the Motiv line there are some interesting comparisons to take a look at, especially in their heavy oil category. Balls such as the Trident Abyss, the Jackal Ghost, and Jackal Rising.

Trident Abyss

heavy oil bowling ball

The Trident Abyss merges a Turbulent asymmetric core with a modified Coercion cover. This is Motiv’s strongest ball in their whole lineup. This ball can cut through just about any amount of oil. With the trident Abyss, you’ll get the Turbulent weight block with allows for lower RG and strong asymmetry. Not to mention a high differential. That kind of combo can let you make the turn in a heap of oil with maximum traction flare.

The cover is a Coercion Gen 3 (HV3) that is reactive to get in harder in high amounts of oil. You get a two-tone solid gray shell which is tuned with a 2000 Grit LSS finish that gives you the best traction you can get. If you are a low rev high-speed bowler and you would like to get more hook to your roll then you might want to give the Trident Abyss a look.

Jackal Ghost

heavy oil ball from motiv

Motiv has taken their original Jackal model and modified it to bring you the Jackal Ghost. This ball will also move well through heavy oil and has a bigger hook potential than the original Jackal and you’ll find no continuation loss as well. This ball comes with a Predator V2 weight block and has tons of differential and a low RG. You can get big track flare with this ball’s asymmetric design.

The Coercion is High Friction Solid (HFS) coverstock. It’s a very aggressive coverstock and is tuned with a 3000 Grit LSS Finish. It has been said to have amazing continuation and great mid-lane read. You’ll like this if you have a high ball speed and low rev rate.

Jackal Rising

Heavy Oil ball from motiv

The Jackal Rising is a good choice for those who throw a speed dominant ball and want to get an increase on their hook. This ball is great for high volume oil patterns and has a smooth motion which will allow you to mix inside/outside circumstances. The Coercion High Volume Second Edition (HV2) cover creates more friction and is tuned with a 2000 GRIT LSS Finish.

You can get great finishing power because of the cover, and a higher differential helps on heavily oiled lanes.

We’ve gone through three balls from the Storm premier line and three from the Motiv heavy oil line. The options are dense and you probably won’t go wrong with any of them depending on your needs. However, for value and price, in my opinion, it looks like the Storm Code-X takes the cake.

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