Motiv Freestyle Rush Bowling Ball Review

Motiv Freestyle Rush Review

The Motiv Freestyle Rush is the successor to the Motiv Freestyle. This ball thrives in high-friction, low-oil environments. It maintains its energy on the dryer boards but hooks well on the back-end. This is a fantastic beginner ball as well as a niche-filler for more competitive bowlers.

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Quick Specs

Core: Modified Recon Core

Coverstock: Agility LFP Reactive

Finish: 5500 grit LSP

RG: 2.6 w/ 15# ball

Differential: 0.03 w/ 15# ball


This ball is the new and improved version of the Motiv Freestyle. The new shell and core give the ball better action on the lane and make it a much more versatile ball. The tweaked Recon core allows for a small increase in flare potential, but the shell also maintains energy very well, giving you a lot of power and hook on the back end.


Motiv Freestyle Rush Core

The core in the Motiv Freestyle Rush is a modified version of the Recon core that came in the original Freestyle. The RG (Radius of Gyration) was very slightly increased to 2.6. The differential was also increased from 0.025 to 0.03. The numbers haven’t changed much, but it actually adds up to quite a significant change in performance. The differential increase gives the ball more flare potential while allowing the ball to really dig-in and hook when you need it to.


Purple/Turquoise Pearl and Red/Blue Pearl are the two colorways available for the Rush. The cover is a brand new shell called the Agility LFP (Low-Friction Pearl) Reactive. The finish on the shell is a 5500 grit LSP, or Laser Sand Polish. This cover allows for incredible performance. It stores most of the energy through the fronts but still has an angular hook. The hook isn’t too angular, but it is more angular than the original Freestyle. The shell of this ball is really what I think makes this ball a fantastic beginner ball. It’s going to hold speed through dry boards without hooking too early. The finish gives a forgiving and smooth action down the lane. The shell has great performance, and not to mention the color schemes offered are pretty cool.

Best Uses


This is one of my all-time favorite balls for beginners. It seems to have a great balance between control, and strength. On a typical house pattern, this ball will give you a ton of leeway. It’s a ball that will facilitate quick learning while also giving you plenty of room to grow. Many things can change in your game before you would ever need to upgrade. When beginners ask me what their first reactive ball should be, this ball is always in my top 3 for those reasons.


This ball is a great niche-filler for any intermediate or experienced bowler. When you have a real short/flat pattern, or at the end of a long tournament, or even on a torched league pattern, you’ll likely get the action you are looking for with the Freestyle Rush. The best use for this ball is when urethane seems like the way to go, but it just isn’t quite enough. The core allows a urethane-like shape, while the reactive cover still gives that back-end angle you are looking for. The continuation on this ball is unmatched for balls with otherwise similar action, which ultimately leads to better pin carry.


  • Great for beginner bowlers
  • Has great continuation without missing the breakpoint
  • Urethan-like shape with reactive angle.


  • Not quite enough for heavy oil conditions.
  • Inside lines are difficult to hit due to the smooth shape


The new Motiv Freestyle Rush is an upgraded version of the regular Freestyle. This ball excels in dry-medium oil conditions and offers a lot of leeway for beginners to master their game. The action on this ball isn’t too aggressive and works well when urethane just isn’t giving you quite the action that you need. If you are looking for your first ball, or if you need that in between ball for dry lane conditions, this ball would be a great addition to your arsenal. If these sound like they may be you, buy the Motiv Freestyle Rush today!

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