Hammer Rhodman Pearl

Bill Rhodman was an important figure in The National Bowling Association. So much so, the TNBA dedicated all of their regional “Rhodman” events in his memory. As a proud sponsor/partner of the TNBA, Hammer is excited to introduce the Rhodman Pearl. The new Rhodman Pearl has a pearl coverstock with a strong, symmetric core and is designed to fit between the Rip’D and Rebel Yell.

With Hammer’s patent-pending carbon fiber outer core, the Rhodman Pearl carries Hammer’s industry-leading three-year warranty.

Hammer recommends Tough N Tacky cleaner to keep the Rhodman Pearl performing at its best.

2 thoughts on “Hammer Rhodman Pearl”

  1. I’m a lefty from a accident can not bowl anymore right hand ever! 6 months into it and at 146 average, No Lesson yet..looking for a great drilling for the Rhodman pearl. I’m a E.B.I user … In my bag I have dark spider(blue/black) & I have the gauntlet fury, the new scandal‘S & GB3 black sanded & GB3 pearl Ebonite Matrix Solid, purple Urethane for spare’s So my Q is most of these balls 25 board slide foot from left’ basically I want to play this ball from more than 20th board between 18, my pro shop guy left and I could use some help on this one

    • It’s hard to give accurate advice without knowing more about your throw. Rev rate, speed, axis tilt/rotation, and other mechanics are all important for deciding on a layout. However, I think it’s important to remember that the coverstock is responsible for 70% of ball motion characteristics. The RG, differential, and intermediate differential are only 30% of what gives a ball its motion. With that said, the layout is only a small fraction of that percentage. Ball layout is a way to fine-tune the specs of the core and doesn’t have a huge effect on the overall ball motion. With that in mind, I would worry more about how you surface that ball than the layout.


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