Best Single and Double Ball Bowling Bags in 2019

There are so many bowling bags on the market that it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. They come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors, so making the right decision can be intimidating. But no longer! BowlingIsEasy is here to give you a rundown of all the best bags on the market.

Whether you are looking for your first single-ball bag, or you are a seasoned bowler who needs a six-ball arsenal, the bag for you is in this article.

If you know how many balls you need to carry, and what style of bag you’d like, use the table of contents below to skip to the right section.

If you are a beginner and don’t know exactly what you need, read through the “How To Choose A Bowling Bag” section to figure out what type of bag you will need.

How to Choose a Bowling Bag

Ball Capacity

Bowling bags typically hold anywhere from one to six bowling balls. As a beginner bowler, it may seem silly to lug around more than one or two balls, but you will likely soon realize that it is actually quite necessary!

If you are recreational, or casual league bowler, you may only have your strike ball and a pair of shoes. You may not plan to buy more balls, but as you learn more about the game, it is likely that you will eventually want to purchase a spare ball or even a second strike ball. If you can imagine yourself ever doing that, it’s important to take that into consideration when buying your bowling bag.

If you really don’t think a second ball is in your future, then you can get away with buying a single-ball bag.

However, even for beginner bowlers, I strongly recommend owning two balls, a strike ball and a spare ball. In that case, a two-ball bag is necessary.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to fill up your bag right away. Oftentimes, I’ll only put two balls in my three-ball bag for my casual league night.

However, the actual size of the bag is another thing to consider. Bags that hold 3 or more balls can get pretty large and cumbersome even when they aren’t full. If size is important to you, take care to not buy a bag that takes up too much space.

My recommendation for beginners is always to buy a two-ball roller bag. If you buy a single ball bag you will be stuck using just one ball unless you decide to buy a second bag. Don’t waste money buying two bags when you only need to buy one! Just get the two-ball roller and you won’t be upset.

Two ball rollers are what I see and recommend most often, but single ball bags are also very popular, so I have decided to also discuss which single ball bags are the best.

Accessory pocket

Bowlers have a bunch of little accessories that they need to bring with them. Tape, ball cleaner, towels/shammys, tools, thumb slugs, etc.

Make sure your bag has enough room for the accessories you like to bring with you. Most bags have adequate space, but some small single ball bags don’t have an extra pocket at all!

Some bags have multiple pockets so you can organize your gear. I strongly prefer them. One of the pockets is kept empty to that when I bowl, I have a clear, uncluttered spot to keep my wallet, keys, phone etc.

It isn’t absolutely necessary to get a bag with accessory pockets, but I highly recommend it. You won’t regret buying a bag that has extra pockets even though it may take up a tad more space in your car or closet.

Shoe Shelf/Pocket

This is a must in my opinion. Carrying your shoes separate from your bag just seems silly to me. Why buy a bag at all if it doesn’t have room for both your shoes and your ball at an absolute minimum.

However, I have a couple of these that I keep around and they also get used occasionally. I wouldn’t recommend them as your only bowling bag, but they definitely have their uses.

Roller or Tote

Totes are bags that you carry like a duffel bag, and Roller bags are bags that have wheels.

Rollers are far superior for most uses; bowling balls are heavy!

Even if you have just one ball, carrying that weight around in one hand isn’t easy. Spend a few extra dollars and get the roller bag. It makes it much easier to go bowling, and you won’t dread every second of carrying your equipment around.

If you are adamant about getting a one-ball bag, totes are actually feasible. Anything more than that, I would definitely recommend getting a roller.


Buying a durable bag is important. You don’t want to buy a bag and have a zipper break, one of the seams unravel, or have a handle rip.

When it comes to bowling bags, you often do get what you pay for.

Expensive bowling bags will outlast cheaper ones and save you money in the long run. Save up a few extra dollars and get the nicer one if you have the option.


Personally, I prefer function over form, so the looks of the bag aren’t too important to me. I’d rather have an ugly bag that is easy to bring with me, has adequate pockets, and is durable, than a bag that looks pretty but isn’t high quality.

However, there is quite a lot of variety in bowling bags, and some do look better than others. Many bags come in multiple colors so you can choose the one you like best.

If you really care about the look of the bag, then choose the one that you think looks the best!

Single Ball Bags

Although I don’t typically recommend people buy a single ball bowling bag, I have featured the best ones currently available on the market.

First I will cover the best tote-style bags and will move on to rollers.


Storm Solo Tote

Black and Blue Storm Bowling Bag for one ball



This bag is a solid choice for someone who really only wants one ball. The oversized ball pouch makes it easy to take the ball in and out. This bag does have an accessory pocket but doesn’t have a separate pocket for shoes.

The shoes fit inside the ball compartment alongside the ball. While the compartment is meant to hold both shoes and ball, it isn’t exceedingly big and can only fit up to men’s size 13 shoes. I’ve seen people squeeze up to size 15s in there, but it is tight and a bit unruly.

It is constructed with 600 Denier Polyvinyl that is durable enough to withstand bowling often and should last quite a while. The zipper is easy to use but is beefy enough to be durable.

It has both an over-the-shoulder strap and a suitcase-style handle. Both ways to carry the bag are comfortable enough. The over-the-shoulder strap is non-slip and is “padded” with a piece of rubber that slides along the strap. The rubber doesn’t provide a ton of comfort, but it is much better than having no pad.

It has plenty of room for the ball and accessories but only fits up to size 13 shoes, so that’s something to keep in mind. This bag is suitable for anyone who only owns one ball, and doesn’t have huge feet.

Another plus is that it’s available on Amazon Prime. You can check out the Storm Solo Bowling Bag at Amazon here.

Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe

Orange, Blue, and Black Single Tote Bowling Bag


The Pyramid Path Pro is another single-ball tote bag. It has a ton of extra storage space in addition to the ball pocket.

It has a pocket on either side of the ball pouch, and another on the front. One of the side pockets can hold shoes, while the others can be used for accesories, your phone/wallet, or anything else you might bring with you when you bowl.

There is a removable polyurethane foam ball cup to keep the ball from rolling around during transportation. Also, since the ball cup is removable, this bag could easily be used for other activities.

The shoulder strap is removable and has an adjustable, rubber, non-slip pad. The shoulder strap isn’t insanely comfortable, but considering that this bag only holds one ball plus accessories, it should be tolerable with a strap that is less than perfect.

This bag can hold shoes up to men’s size 16, so if you have huge feet, this bag would be a great option.

BSI Nova

Purple Simple Single Ball Bowling Bag


The BSI Nova is the least expensive bag on this list. This is a barebones bag that only holds one ball and a small pair of shoes.

It is constructed of a heavy duty fabric that is available in 8 colors.

This bag is great for kids, or someone who is just dipping their toes into bowling. If you truly have no plans to take bowling seriously at any time in the future, this bag will suit your needs just fine.

There are no accessory pockets, but you could always put your tape, towel, etc. in the ball pouch, although it will easily become disorganized.


Storm Rascal

Black Storm Rolling bowling bag


This bag is great for smaller children who either aren’t capable or don’t want to carry their ball.

Adults who only want to carry one ball probably don’t need a roller bag, but even so, it can be more convenient than carrying a tote. If you decide that you only want to carry one ball but want a roller-bag, this is a great option.

It comes with a telescoping handle that locks in two different positions. In addition, the bag has a fabric carrying handle on the top for stairs, curbs, etc.

The 600 Denier polyester and reinforced zippers should be plenty durable to last quite a while.

It has two 3″ easy-glide wheels for smooth, easy transport.

There are two accessory pockets, one on each side of the bag, and a roomy shoe pouch on the front that can hold up to men’s size 15.

The “backpack shape” allows the bag to remain upright for everything including removing your ball/shoes, carrying, etc. This is quite a convenient benefit of this bag compared to other bags that must be laid down.

Ebonite Transport I

Red Single Ball Rolling Bowling Bag


The Ebonite Transport I is another option for a single-ball roller bag.

It has a shoe compartment that can fit up to men’s size 15 shoes although it’ll be quite snug with such large shoes.

The accessories pocket on each side is large enough for quite a few odds and ends that you want to bring to the bowling alley with you.

It has a locking telescopic square handle that extends to 34 inches.

This bag must be tipped on its side to remove your ball/shoes which can be a downside compared to the Storm Rascal which remains upright.

It has two 3″ wheels that rolls smoothly and easily over a variety of surfaces including snow and ice.

The carrying handles are on the “front” of the bag meaning that if you want to carry the bag you will have to tip it over before picking it up.

2-Ball Bags


Pyramid Path Double Tote

Orange/Black Pyramid Path Double Tote with Clear Top


The Pyramid Path Double Tote is one of the better options if you want a two-ball tote. 

The clear top flap is a cool addition because it allows you to show off your balls while they are still all zipped up.

You don’t have to unzip your bag and remove your balls to show off your new ball or talk about the pros and cons of your arsenal. It’s a dual-zippered clear PVC top flap that should be plenty durable.

The bag is otherwise constructed of  600 denier with 840D dobby accent color.

The shoulder strap is a non-slip, adjustable, and padded.

The strap is also removable if you want to just carry the bag by the handles.

The shoe pocket is quite large and can hold up to men’s size 15.

This bag does have one downside. There isn’t a specific accesory pocket. If you have a bunch of accessories than this bag probably isn’t the best choice for you.

You can fit quite a few accessories in the shoe pocket, but it won’t be nearly as organized and convenient as a devoted accessory pocket.

Hammer Premium Deluxe Double

Black and Orange Hammer Double Tote


The Hammer Premium Deluxe Double is a fantastic two-ball tote.

This bag doesn’t have the clear top that the Pyramid Path Double Tote has, and for many people that is a benefit.

It also holds up to men’s size 15s, but also has three accessory pockets!

It can hold all of the tools, tape, towels, cleaners, etc. as you need to keep you bowling at your best.

The padded shoulder strap is adjustable and removable so you can customize it to your wishes.

It’s constructed of 600 Denier Oxford fabric for maximum durability and has two foam ball cups to help reduce the balls rolling around in the bag.

It is a bit pricier, but to be honest, you get what you pay for. It doesn’t have a clear top, but what it lacks in flashiness, it makes up for in functionality. 


Hammer Signature Double Roller

Blue and Black Ebonite Double Ball Rolelr Bag


If you decide you want a two-ball bag, but you also want the convenience of using a roller, this bag is highly recommended.

It is very sturdy and durable like all of Hammer’s products. This increased quality comes at a premium, though as most of Hammer’s products are a bit pricier than other brand’s products.

This bag has 5-inch Kruse urethane wheels with steel bearings that roll very smoothly. The size of the wheels allows the bag to easily roll over bumpy surfaces, ice, gravel, etc.

As with most of the bags on this list, it is constructed of 600D fabric which is a sturdy, tough fabric.

It can easily carry your shoes and has two huge accessory pockets, which are zipped up using Hammer-branded zipper pulls.

The handle is telescopic and extends up to 36-inches.


Pyramid Prime Double Roller


This bag is a more budget-friendly option for a two-ball roller. It has much in common with the last bag but differs in its pros and cons.

The biggest con of this bag is that it doesn’t have separate accessory pockets. You should be able to fit your accessories in the shoe compartment along with your shoes, but it can get a bit disorganized.

This bag has very different wheels than other comparable bags on the market. The wheels on this are smaller in diameter, but much wider. These wheels are 3-inches wide, which gives you increased maneuverability in tight spaces.

This bag won’t roll as well on rough surfaces, but in the alley, it should roll exceptionally smooth.

The separate shoe compartment holds up to men’s size 15 and is vented with metal grommet vents.

The zippers are sleek, custom, pyramid branded pulls.

The stitching is “reinforced”, and has molded ball cups, so the bag should be plenty durable. 

The overall quality of this bag is quite high given the price. However if budget isn’t an issue, the Hammer bag is much better. The accessory pockets are a great addition to the Hammer bag. They keep all of your gear and accessories organized, and clutter-free.



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