About BowlingIsEasy

BowlingIsEasy.com is a website I created to teach regular people how to bowl. There are a plethora of websites dedicated to discussing the complexities of bowling at the advanced level, but not much quality information for absolute beginners to learn the game. The aim of this site is to fill that void and make learning to bowl a simple, seamless process.

A little bit about me

I got a job at a bowling center having only bowled a few times in my life. I knew absolutely nothing about bowling, and there was a surprisingly small amount of information available online for people in my position. There are so many things I had no idea about: strike balls, spare balls, oil patterns, approach, timing, release, hook, coverstocks, and on and on. I had no idea that bowling had this much nuance. I had (obviously incorrectly) assumed that professional bowlers bowled 300s nearly everytime. I thought the only difference between bowling balls were the weight and the size of the holes.

Working at a bowling center, bowling in leagues, and bowling tournaments has provided me access to an incredible amount of resources that has allowed me to become somewhat of an expert in the field of bowling.

This website is dedicated to people who are intrigued by bowling but are in the overwhelming, confusing stage at the beginning of their bowling journey. If that sounds like you, you are in the right place, and I want you to become a successful bowler as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Contact me!

Please contact me with any comments, questions, concerns, or anything else you want to tell me! You can visit the contact page, or just shoot me an email at BowlingIsEasy@Gmail.com. Thanks!